Advanced Reservation/Booking System


The IXXO Car Hire software is the only platform giving you a turn key solution for your online car hire business. Built from the ground up for this dedicated purpose it is packed with all the features and tools you need without having to deal with complicated and costly tailored systems. With IXXO Car hire you can give access to multiple car hire companies allowing them to publish their fleet on your site and receive commission.

IXXO Car Hire is constantly being improved and updated according to the needs and wishes of the vehicle hire industry itself.

Features Overview

IXXO Car Hire is a complete solution for car hire broker companies with real time search allowing the customer to get a price quote. The system allows unlimited vendors to publish their fleet and locations no matter where they operate.

  • IXXO Car Hire software allows car rental brokers to implement an online reservation system
  • Significant investment in complex tailored systems is no longer required
  • Take control of your online car hire business without having to worry about the technicalities
  • Full support from our award winning dedicated support centre
  • allows car rental brokers to implement an online reservation system
  • Reservation management, ability to check status, amend or cancel reservation, print voucher etc
  • Site Management with control over layout, text, color, font and email of the search module

IXXO Car Hire Solo, Multi Vendor or Partner?

IXXO Car Hire comes in 3 variants, each designed to deliver the most powerful booking engine based on your particular business model.

  • IXXO Car Hire Solo - Fits the standard single car hire company business model. Ideal for any car hire company wishing to drive their online car hire presence
  • IXXO Car Hire Multi-Vendor - This version includes all the IXXO Car Hire features but also allows other Car Hire companies to log in and add their own fleet.
  • IXXO Car Hire Multi Partner - Complete with the full feature set of the other two versions, plus the ability to include the booking engine on other websites. This creates a centrally managed multi-web-site booking management system

Whether you are a customer, vendor, partner or an affiliate IXXO Car Hire will tackle all your needs as per your role and requirements.

Customer Feature Highlights

  • Quick, user friendly search
  • Reservation management, ability to check status, amend or cancel reservation, print voucher etc
  • Payment history management
  • Personal information, contact information, account information and billing information could be managed by the user.
  • Password reset option
  • Reliable feedback system where customer could provide feedback for vendors from whom  he/she has taken service
  • Integrated ticket system
  • Multilingual user and admin interface – Supports any language and country localization

Vendor Feature Highlights

  • Profile Management – company details like address contact information etc
  • Settings  Management – regarding various company policies like fuel policy, mileage policy, driver and license limitations, terms and conditions, insurance details
  • Extra equipment availability and price management
  • Rental period management
  • Rental location management
  • Fleet Management
  • Booking Management with status tracking (Pending, Confirmed, Declined, cancelled, Active, Closed, Amend and All)
  • Discount Code Management – whether percent or amount discount applicable for duration, car class and country selected by user.
  • Support ticket System
  • Reporting Section

Partner Feature Highlights

  • Comprehensive report section with graphical representation and export feature
  • Revenue report, top location report and repeat booking reports
  • Account management with ability to add sub accounts
  • Site  Management  with  control  over  layout,  text,  color,  font  and  email  of  the search module

Affiliate Feature Highlights

  • Profile management
  • Payment history
  • Statistics management for clear picture of sales and clicks report with graphical representation

IXXO Car Hire - Booking Engine